About Awards

Awards have several values:

  1. They help promote your page, *if* you get an award from a well-visited site that posts a link to each site it gives an award to.
  2. They give your page credibility, *if* visitors notice the awards page and believe in the authenticity of the awards and the value judgment of the site(s) that gave you the awards.
  3. They boost your self-esteem, *if* you believe in the value-judgment of the people who gave you the award.
  4. They give you some nice content, *if* the award is well-designed and the site it is linked to consists of more than a few vanity-pages and "I'll give you an AWARD if you link to me!"

An award won't do much for you if you don't believe in yourself already, if you haven't worked on your page so that it catches attention *without* awards, if you don't admire the quality of the site that gives you the award, and if the sites that give you awards don't post links to you.

If you want to go for an award on those criteria, these are some other good places (besides mine) to look for them:

Focus Award Sites (rated awards)
Website Awards Worksheet
is a great place to go to learn to fine-tune your site,
get listed in search engines, and apply for awards.

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Updated: January 3, 2003