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Leaving Born Again Fundamentalist Christianity

A webring is an automated way of linking related websites together so that the links are easier to navigate and to maintain.

"Leaving Born Again Fundamentalist Christianity" is a ring linking websites that are critical of Fundamentalist Christianity and/or offer support for individuals leaving Fundamentalist Christianity.

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Webring was originally created by Sage Weil, and resided at Webring.org. Then it migrated to Yahoo. Now it is independent again, and has migrated to Webring.com. If you haven't folowed the migrations, you will need to associate your site with the new system before you can edit it. To do so, go to http://dir.webring.com/rw


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When you click on the Join link at the Ring Hub page, you will have a form to fill out, giving information about your site. For the site address, you must enter the address of the page that you are going to put the webring code on. This should be a page with content relevant to Fundamentalism, and the page should have clear links to the rest of your site, which should also have clear links back to the page that the webring code is on. All of this will make navigating through the ring much easier for our visitors.

It may be easier to put the code on a central "webrings page." Once the code is on your page, the navigation bars for any rings you list that page with appear automagically as long as your site is active in the ring. If you do use a central webring page, however, it is only going to be of use if it has clear links to the rest of your site, especially the content on Fundamentalism.

You can have the site address point to the front page of your site, and put the webring code on a separate page, but this will only pass if the link says "webrings" in text. Code is checked by an automated process. If you use a graphics link, putting "webrings" in the 'alt' text may work.

After you submit your answers to the form, you will be assigned a position number in the ring. Then click on "My Rings" and "Get Nav Bar" to copy the navigation code and insert it into your page. (If you have already posted a Webring Navigation Bar on your page, you don't have to do this again.) If you need the code again for any reason, you can get it displayed at any time by signing in at Webring.

If you choose to display a webring graphic logo, please save it to your own server area.

As soon as I take a look at your site, I will let you know whether you are added to the ring. Even after I add you, though, your site will be in "suspended" status until you have posted your webring navigation code. So if you're having any problems at all with that, please let me know!

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Leaving Born Again Fundamentalist Christianity
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