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Homeless staistics and a whole lot more Bipolar disorder from experience and research

This site grew over 7 years of activity on and off the Net, and contains 1800 pages at last count. Major sections are on homelessness, social activism, bipolar disorder, books, and creative writing. "Homelessness" includes my personal experiences and faqs on homeless statistics, causes, services, and activism. "Bipolar disorder" includes my personal experience and helpful information accumulated. "Social activism" includes many human rights causes and the world confrontation with fundamentalism. "Creative writing" includes my own poems, stories, and essays, and free resources for fellow writers. There's more. :-) Grab some chocolate and stay awhile! There are plenty of forums and other opportunities for you to add your own two cents. Write On!

The Invasion of the Web and How It Grew

One page was begun in 1995 with "Home is where the heart is. These are the projects where I live." That page became over 40 sites on 15 different servers. Then most of those sites were consolidated on this domain.